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"...lovely small performances in a show that depends on them, especially from Marc Ginsburg..."  -  Chicago Tribune

"Ginsburg's dramatic turn as Tateh is some of the best work he's done in Los Angeles"  -  Broadway World

"...the ease with which Ovation nominee Marc Ginsburg (Tateh) swung between naive pathos as a fresh Ukrainian Jewish immigrant and disarming charm as a reinvented silent film director."  -  Colorado Boulevard

"When Mother greets Tateh with the words “Good day, sir,” the gratitude of an impoverished stranger met with respect instead of derision radiates with meaning far beyond this passing encounter. Later, when the two become better acquainted after Tateh’s fortunes change, the effect of this simple courtesy can still be felt in Ginsburg’s ardent gaze."  -  Los Angeles Times

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"Marc Ginsburg goes above and beyond in energy and wit to create his characters, including Lancelot, The French Taunter, and Tim the Enchanter."  -  LA Daily News

"Marc Ginsburg is an outstanding Sir Lancelot and French Taunter."  

-  The Huffington Post

"I’ve seen multiple Evitas, but never can I recall one whose Act Two 'And The Money Kept Rolling In' inspired the prolonged cheers, anchored by Ginsburg’s electromagnetic, sizzling, seductive, all-around sensational Che.  You may have seen Evita before, but you’ve never seen it with Cassandra Murphy and Marc Ginsburg as Eva and Che." - StageSceneLA
"Marc Ginsburg is fiery and explosive as Che and gives an absolutely riveting performance, hilighted by spectacular heiregister vocalizing." - The Thousand Oaks Acorn
"Ginsburg as Che is a powerhouse actor and singer, making Che his very own creation." - Broadway World

"Ginsburg, though dashingly handsome, projects a gawkiness so that the audience can understand Casey’s apprehension."  -  Arts in LA

"Ginsburg manages the fine balance between vulnerability and simple fear of the unknown and the determination to move on with a fine hand."  -  San Gabriel Valley Tribune

" ovation-worthy testament to the lovely work displayed by lead actors Ginsburg and Lustig. The two have (eventual) convincing chemistry and are increasingly engaging to watch together as the evening progresses."  -  Broadway World

"The show’s undisputed scene-stealer is Marc Ginsburg as the miniature Lord Farquaad. ...It’s Ginsburg’s deadpan delivery, expressive face, big voice and physicality that make him a standout."  -  San Diego Union Tribune

"Anyone playing the heartless antagonist, Farquaad, needs to chew a lot of scenery and Ginsburg gleefully mugs every chance he can get. He has two big showstoppers and the ability to fashion lines, that might not appear funny on paper, uproarious. Ginsburg makes every scene he is in count."  -  San Diego Story

"As for Southland favorite Ginsburg, is there any other performer who can go from Man Of La Mancha’s dotty Don Quixote to South Pacific’s nerdy Professor to Dirty Rotten Scoundrels’ sophisticated Lawrence Jameson to Shrek’s height-challenged Lord Farquaad all within the space of a year? Playing the Lord entirely on his knees, Ginsburg is so utterly fabulous and flairful that we can’t help loving Shrek’s purported villain."  -  StageScene LA

"Wow! Marc Ginsburg, who plays Lawrence Jameson, will just knock your socks off. Marc’s comic timing and his sharp wit that he uses to play this somewhat sneaking and underhanded (but extremely sophisticated) character, who will not only surprise you but keep you laughing throughout the entire show, is just way too much fun to watch. His calming charm, sparkling energy, twinkle in his eye and even his snide looks and glances will just take you by surprise. His amazing singing talents can be heard from the opening number “Give Them What They Want”, to the wonderful “The More We Dance”, to the romantic “Love Sneaks In” – it’s Marc who will instantly capture your heart and your funny bone!"  -  The Geek Authority

"Richard Kiley (the original), Raul Julia, Robert Goulet, George Ball and Davis Gaines all have given astounding performances in the title role, but Marc Ginsburg's portrayal is quite wonderful, and ranks right up there with the best of them.  … Ginsburg sings beautifully and has clear and eloquent diction, which serves him well, especially as he transitions from Cervantes to the madness of Alonso Quijana and Quixote."  

-  Broadway World

"Marc Ginsburg is an amazing Don Quixote in all aspects of his performance. He is subtle and strong. He is whimsical and real. He gives the character every layer of thought and his performance speaks volumes as he learns of his fate in the two ‘worlds’ he has created. His rendition of ‘The Impossible Dream’ is all out amazing to hear along with his compassionate song ‘Dulcinea’ which will tug at your heart strings. Marc has a very melodic and incredible voice that will amaze you and warm your soul."  

-  The Geek Authority

"...a best-yet star turn by Marc Ginsburg in the title role. ...inspired casting of early-30something Ginsburg to play Cervantes. ...That Ginsburg may well be delivering a career-best performance adds to the Glendale Centre Theatre production’s allure. ... Add to the above vocal chops every bit as resonant as his velvet speaking tones and you’ve got renditions of “Dulcinea,” “Golden Helmet Of Mabrino,” and “The Impossible Dream (The Quest)” that rival those of the best Quixotes who’ve come before.  -  StageScene LA

"Ginsburg knows how to earn laughs rather than force them, can deliver musical theater songs, and cares more about creating a character than being a star. He sweetly shows Leo’s insecurity and longing calibrates Leo’s manic panic yet croons like a romantic tenor." - The Daily Breeze

"Another job-well-done must be given to Marc Ginsburg, who plays Leo Bloom. Bloom is excellently depicted ... as a man of low self-esteem, making the audience sympathize with him and thus giving him a likeability factor. His hilarious hysteria also brings out some great guffaws.  -  Easy Reader News

"...a capable, wide-eyed performance by Marc Ginsburg.  As Reems, Ginsburg is on dramatic comedy terra firma." - LA Weekly

"Marc Ginsburg deserves great praise for his unselfconscious baring of body and soul." - Broadway World

"Marc Ginsburg's performance as Harry Reems is riveting. His ability to address the audience and connect--even in flagrante nudis--is the most fearless thing I've seen on stage."  -  Christian Mann 

"Truly incredible actor.  From someone who knew and worked with Reems, Marc Ginsburg delivers an awe-inspiring performance!"  

-  Tom Byron

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