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Actor / Singer / Voiceover Artist


"… the affable Ginsburg reveals a gift for physical comedy."  -  LA Times

"The show’s undisputed scene-stealer is Marc Ginsburg.  His ingenious ... deadpan delivery, expressive face, big voice and physicality make him a standout." - San Diego Union Tribune

"In my opinion, Marc Ginsburg stole the show. His voice is so buttery and luxuriant. It sounds effortless and he really is able to go from dialogue to singing lyrics with a sense of authenticity that often times is campy in musicals." - Life in LA

"Marc Ginsburg deserves great praise for his unselfconscious baring of body and soul." - Broadway World

"Ginsburg proves himself as adept at Cary Grant sophistication as he is at Gene Wilder nebbishiness, his debonair charm and gorgeous vocal chops making it no wonder that he’s got both ladies vying for his love."  - StageScene LA

"Ginsburg knows how to earn laughs rather than force them, can deliver musical theater songs, and cares more about creating a character than being a star." - The Daily Breeze

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